Time goes by so fast

Chris has been home for almost a month. We had such an awesome 2 week “reconstitution” (his time off). It was like a family-moon. It amazes me how strong our marriage remains through all of the time apart. Each time he has returned from a deployment, our love has bloomed tenfold. It’s amazing and beautiful and I couldn’t ask for a better love. Watching Chris with the babies again was also amazing. Charlise took a few days to get used to Daddy again, being the momma’s girl that she is, but Jais was ecstatic to have daddy- his favortie playmate back! We had so much fun just being a family again. Chris couldn’t believe how much the kids had grown while he was gone! But we all fit back together just perfectly. We spent some time in Virginia Beach during Chris’s time off, and it was so gorgeous, one of my favorite cities! It was a beautiful beach where you can watch fighter jets fly above your head! There were some gorgeous views, and we stayed at an awesome inn with a tea garden, a ballroom, and cute shabby chic rooms. It was definitely one of my favorite vacations. We also went to Colonial Williamsburg. It was pretty neat. But I’m not really a walk around in the hot sun wearing a bonnet kind of girl. I definitely fit in better with the walking around the boardwalk shopping for cute bikinis and stopping for ice cream kind of vacation πŸ™‚
Chris’s parents came to visit, and we went to the zoo and beach for 4th of July. It was a really good visit!
Now Chris is back at work and I never get to see him 😦 He goes to work when the babies are still sleeping and comes home well after they have gone to bed, but it is all for good, he’s working hard so that he can change career fields. He’s still going to stay in the Air Force, but is switching to a job that could bring us home to California- Marysville area. I’m so happy, but don’t want to get my hopes up too high! OMG, I would be so happy to go home! Right now we’re on a list to move there in Spring of next year. But, Chris has to finish his commercial pilot’s license first (if everything works out he’ll be a UAV pilot at Beale AFB). So, pray for us!
Jais is doing well. We’re still waiting to hear his adorable voice. But, he has mastered so many motor skills and communicates in so many other ways that we try to count our blessings for those. He’s getting therapy 3 times a week, and we’re implementing a PECS program (Picture Exchange Communication System), so he will be able to communicate his wants and needs more efficiently. So far it hasn’t really caught on, but time will tell. My sweet baby boy, he is so darling, and each day surprises me with hugs and smiles. My heart breaks over and over again for fear that he will not have all this world has to offer, and then my heart breaks for even fearing that, and for not accepting this beautiful child God has sent to me. I struggle daily with these emotions, and pray that someday soon I will find peace within me.
Charlise, my princess, is still nursing! OMG, I’m so ready to stop, but this girl loves the boob! She’s such a strong willed and energetic princess! She has her daddy’s strong will (she knows what she wants and does everything she can to get it) and she got my princess syndrome- (always wants to be held and to be paid attention to, and has a radar for chocolate and ice cream). Sweet baby girl, she took a few steps the other day! She will walk in her own time. My children may not fit the book when it comes to development, but they far exceed any books when it comes to being loved and happy. And I’m darned proud of that!
I’ve been busy with crafting, cleaning, and research. I hope to be a better friend and relative in the upcoming weeks. I was basking in the joy of love, with the return of my honey. I am truly amazed at our love, and feel so blessed. And what cute babies we made! haha

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