Happy 3rd Birthday Jais

Three years ago, my beautiful boy was born. A tiny five pound little wonder to whom Chris and I promised we would love more than any child had ever been loved . . . Three years later, he is still a wonder, at 3 feet 4 inches, with a smile that is bigger than life itself. This past year has been tough for us as a family. We spent months wondering and praying, testing and questioning, until the diagnosis of autism hit us like semi-truck in the spring. How much harder it must’ve beeen for Jais, never being able to fully comminicate his needs and wants, being pushed each day beyond his comfort zone, and being asked to do tasks that make no sense to him. He continues though, he moves forward, he tries, and he succeeds. He learns new things, he tries new things, he conquers fears. At 3 years old, this strong willed boy, though shaking to his bone from fear, will climb into a bubble bath, and learn that some things are worth trying, even when they seem impossible or scary. Yes, I try to teach him about life in all of the little and big ways. But, the truth is, he teaches me. He teaches me lessons I could’ve never learned at UC Davis, or during my Educational Master’s program. These aren’t lessons you can read about in encyclopedias or pay money for. Jais teaches me about life, he shows me what real love is. He helps me to learn and overcome.
My three year old Jais is autistic, but he is so much more.
Happy Birthday to a boy who smiles brighter than anybody in the world, to a boy who laughs with his soul, to a boy who loves his sister, even when she is grumpy, to a boy who gives his mom hugs, and somehow knows when she needs them the most. Happy Birthday to a boy who tries harder than anyone I know, who says rare and simple words that I celebrate with sincere joy. Happy Birthday to a boy who loves bubble blowing, his blankie, Cars, the sound of the camera when a picture is taken, and penne noodles. Three years ago we promised to love you more than any baby has ever been loved, we have kept that promise, and we always will.
Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy.

One thought on “Happy 3rd Birthday Jais

  1. Dear Joylise,

    I read through some of your posts and viewed the photos of your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and emotions about parenting.

    The combination of your writing and the pictures brought tears to my eyes.

    Take Care,

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