My Jais

Jais was born at a whopping 5 lb. 12 oz. He came into this world with bright eyes and a big heart. At 26 months, Jais was diagnosed with Autism. This blog is a celebration of his successes, and an account of our journeys- We love you Jais!!

2 thoughts on “My Jais

  1. I have been so touched by the things I read about your son Jais tonight. Thank you for sharing! You have been blessed by God to have an angel in your midst… your beautiful son, and you are the angels he has been given, you and your husband and daughter, to care for him and watch over him. I t sounds like you have many others to help as well! The Lord bless you for your goodness, and your patience and love! I wish all little children, special or not, had loving parents like you!
    Good luck in all your endeavors! And give Jais a kiss for me!


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