Jais and the magic bus

Once upon a time, a beautiful, sweet, bright, and very happy little boy named Jais began a long and arduous journey toward a magical land, he did not know what was at this magical land, he did not know how to get to this magical land, but he knew that with hope, hard work, and with his army of soldiers (his family, friends, and special helpers), he could make it to this magical land. Along the way, Jais met beings who helped him find his way, Angels, Fairys, Knights, and other magical forces.  And as time went on, Jais began to see the magical land, it was so close! As he got closer, he grew stronger and more powerful. Jais continued, but became weary. He sat down, tired, and just when it felt like this land was so close, yet so far away, and he felt like he couldn’t go on, he opened his eyes and before him was a yellow bus. He was cautious to get onto the bus, but curious, and hopeful. With bravery, Jais climbed onto the bus, and it carried him into the magical land, where each day he could explore parts of this land, and gain more power and more strength. Now, everyday Jais boards the magic bus and enters the magical land where his army of fanciful beings helps him to  build his own little magical castle within  the magical land . . .


We are so happy to say that Jais is doing AWESOME! We have been in CA now for about 2 months. Jais attends pre-K on Beale AFB with 2 other children, and a 2 teachers. He rides the bus to school and home from school.

Jais has made so many amazing improvements that I have been too busy celebrating to blog about it- which was my ultimate dream!!!

To show you how well he’s doing, here is a day in his life: Jais wakes up and sees me, and says “hi”. I ask him if he wants to eat, and he goes to the drawer of plastic plates and grabs one, sets it on the table, and sits down in his chair, he then sits still and quiet, happy while I fasten his seatbelt. I serve him breakfast and tell him it’s hot. He says “hot” and blows on his food, dramatically with a giggle. He drinks juice out of a cup, and points to the orange juice bottle and signs “more” when he’s ready for more. When he’s finished, after being prompeted, he says “up”. We then get dressed, and practice “Pee pee” by sitting on the toilet and wiping off imaginary “pee” (we have yet to turn this concept into reality” and then we are able to flush our imaginary pee, which is our favorite thing about the toilet. Then I say “shoes on” and he says “choose-on”, and we find his shoes, and put them on. While we are playing, he finds a butter knife on the counter, and I say “Jais, give it to mommy . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . and at 3 he is handing over the knife. After hearing mommy count, he decides he wants to practice counting, so mom starts us out with one, and he says “Dooo” and “Weeee” and “Foe” and
“Fie” “Sickee”. We are so excited to be counting, mommy finishes with 7, 8, and 9 and at ten we are arms up! Yay!!! Then daddy calls and we know daddy’s favorite song to sing with us is “Twinkle Twinkle” so on the phone we softly sing to daddy “Twikkle Twikkle  . . . staw . . . bu-bu-bove . . . eye . . .sigh . . twikkle twikkle . . .” and daddy and mommy are so happy that he is singing, that they have tears in their eyes. When it is time to ride the bus, Jais says “Bus!” and grabs his bag, waits anxiously at the window, runs out the bus, climbs up the stairs with a smile, and says “buh-bye”. When he comes home, he waves the bus driver with a smile. When it is bedtime, we hold Charlise up to his crib and he gives her a kiss, Mommy says “Jais give me a kiss” and Jais grabs mommy’s face with both hands, kisses her, and says “la-loo” and mommy says “love you too”.

Now, not all of these things happen perfectly every day, somedays Jais needs more prompting, somedays he doesn’t need much. Somedays he surprises me with more songs or words. Last friday, I found him on the love sac, quietly flipping through our “Twinkle Twinkle” STORY book, singing “twikkle twikkle”  for the first time, after not having been read the book since we left NC. I was floored, and amazed, and ecstatic!!!!!! And it confirms my suspicion that there is SO much more going on in his genius mind, then all of us know.

We had Jais’s IEP meeting last week, and I could not be happier! Jais has once again been blessed with a team of angels. His teacher, para-educator, occupational therapist, and speech therapist, understand him! They care about him! And they HAVE A PLAN!!! I was in tears the whole way home after talking with them, just so excited to be on a road to success. I am so thankful for the blessings that God keeps sending out way for Jais and Charlise, we have been touched by the love and care of so many . . .

Tara, Kelly, Mrs. Mills and team, all of our friends with their never-ending patience and support through our tough acceptance of his diagnosis- the Kims, Gentrys, Kolarciks, Parkers, Masons, and now our new team of angels, Kristen, Mary, Elaine, and Tara . . . not forgetting all of our grandmas grandpas aunties and cousins with whom we celebrate EVERY victory, small and large

And of course Jais’s partner in crime, his ever patient, ever loving sissy, Charlie, and daddy, his best friend.

We love you Jais and are here with you every step of the way. It warm our hearts to watch you connect with the world around you. It brightens our world to hear that sweet voice you have and all of the beautiful songs you have to share . . .


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