Jais the fishy

Jais’s grandparents just got a pool put in. So, this weekend was the grand opening pool party. I was so scared to let Jais outside. Previously when he sees water, he wants to just run and jump into it. The number one cause of death for children with Autism is drowning, because a: they are attracted to the water, and b: they have no sense of danger. However, Jais was wary, I was very pleased to see him act cautiously before entering the water. He eased himself in (life jacket on of course) via the first step, moved on to the subsequent steps etc. I held on to him as if his life depended on it, which it did, and was afraid to let go. As the day went on and I showed Jais how to kick his legs, he got more and more comfortable, and so did I. I tried to show him how to doggy paddle, but he was holding on to Lightning McQueen in his left hand, which hindered his ability to paddle. Eventually I began to let go of him, and let him kick his way to me, first 1 foot, then 2 feet, etc. He did great! Kept his head above the water, kicked his little legs, balanced himself just so . . . it was so awesome to see, and he was the happiest boy in the world- he LOVES water!!!!!!! So, by the end of the day, little Jais, with much supervision, toodled around the pool all by himself in his life jacket. We are SO proud, and feel so secure in knowing that he will be okay in the pool. I was so worried when they decided to put the pool in. But, they have been very conscious of Jais’s autism in this situation. There is an extremely obnoxious alarm on the sliding glass door so that if Jais escapes, everybody in the neighborhood is alerted. And they are going to put up a metal fence around the pool. I feel happy and confident now about Jais’s sense of awareness in the water. 

Now, Charlise is a different story. She tried jumping in the pool after seeing her cousins do it, and wound up swallowing water down the wrong pipe, coughed etc. And now she’s very wary. Which I guess is good too, but she won’t let go of mom, dad, or g-ma g-pa in the pool. She’s kind of scared, which I suppose is to be expected.  She’s my cautious one anyway . . . time will warm her up.

I had sooooo much fun swimming in the water, with all of the relatives there, I was able to hand off the babies and dive right in, I have always loved the water, it makes me feel like a mermaid! I got great exercise, if only I had my own pool, I wouldn’t have to worry about the gym! Me, Chris, Lindsey, her boyfriend, Chris’s cousins, and his mom and dad all played a game of pool dodge ball, that was super fun hitting all the boys in the head with beach balls. Haven’t laughed that hard in a while, except with my sisters. Gwynn and Jamie and my mom can crack me up like no other, but it was fun to laugh that hard with Chris’s family!!

A truly successful weekend! Wish I had pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera, and I think it was a good thing, I was worried about having fun, and not taking pictures for once! You’ll just have to imagine our smiles 🙂

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