Evaluation Day

Today Jais has an appointment in Sacramento. A psychological evaluation. As it stands his diagnosis is “Autism Spectrum Disorder” which isn’t specific enough to qualify for services in CA. He needs a diagnosis of “Autistic”. So, today they will evaluate him and decide what his diagnosis will be. If he gets an official diagnosis, then well, he’s autistic, and he’ll qualify for services. Amazing services that cost thousands of dollars, that we can’t afford. Services like ABA therapy and respite care. If not, then I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know if I’d be happy, it’s not like just because they say so, he’s not autistic, he still can’t verbally express 90% of what he wants to. No, he doesn’t flap his hands, or line things up, or injure himself, or sit in a corner and rock. But, my baby needs help, and I can’t stand by and not do anything.

I’ll update tonight about what happened, but in my experience, it will take weeks to actually find out something this important . . .

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