How Time Flies


It’s Been Almost 4 years since I’ve updated this blog, and it would take me 4 years to catch up on the challenges and amazing progress we have come across on our journey.. I stopped sharing my openness about my struggles and victories because I ran into some judgement along the way. I became very private with my life because I felt hurt by how some people didn’t understand me or my son. I became protective of my family. Now, after journeys and journeys and growth and growth, I am confident in my parenting style, I am okay with not being understood, and judgement has no place where you operate from love, it doesn’t even register, and that is what we do here, in my family, we are about love. We take the challenges as they come, do with them what we can, celebrate the victories, and we do it together. 

Jais has made such amazing progress, I can’t even begin to express my absolute joy in the little boy he has become.. Just two days ago he learned how to ride a bike. And I don’t mean that I stayed out with him for hours, picked him up when he fell, or that he used training wheels, I mean, he decided he wanted to learn to ride a bike, went out and grabbed an old junkyard bike that we had on the side of the house, with completely flat tires, and while I was in here doing homework with his sister, THAT BOY TAUGHT HIMSELF HOW TO RIDE A BIKE! He came in to tell me, “mommy I’m riding a bike!” and I thought he was using his imagination, but there he was, riding this barely ride-able bike. Since then, Daddy has fixed the tires, and he rides the bike like he’s been riding it for years, stops on a dime. He’s amazing, well above his peers in math skills, spending 70% of his school day in a mainstream second grade classroom, builds wind gages out of pencils and masking tape, draws maps of the country, and fixed my macbook… don’t even know he did it, but he did, I swear, saved me $1,000 dollars!

It hasn’t been an easy journey, by any means, each and every victory has been reached through hard work (intensive therapy 5 days a week in our home), school days with extra P.E. sessions, and lots and lots of patience… we still thank our lucky stars for all of his helpers, and we still find ourselves sighing with frustration just as much as we find ourselves giggling with this little boy. One thing is for sure, this boy has taught us more than we could ever teach him… We love our challenging joyful journey, and I’m excited to start sharing it again, to anybody who will read this with open hearts and minds!


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