Supplements for Autism

Ready to try some new things for Jais, NATURAL things, want to try yoga, and would love to get him off clonodine, which he takes for sleep. He doesn’t take any other medicine or supplements, and is not on a special diet, but I’m at the point where I’m willing to try anything safe to […]

My book about autism

I’m in the very very early stages of attempting to write a book about my experiences with Jais and autism. This is just one little brainstorming writing session- completely full of typos, and un-edited. But, I thought I would send it to you guys to see what your thoughts were. This is the first time […]

Thomas – a good friend for autistic children

This was a great article- retrieved from: Millions of children around the world love Thomas the Tank Engine. Parents everywhere have watched their children learn, grow and have fun with this cheeky little blue engine. For many children with autistic spectrum disorders, Thomas plays an even more important role. A 2002 study by the […]

Thomas Live on Stage- Autism Friendly Tickets!

So, Jais has a new obsession with Thomas- and I knew about this show, but it is only by accident that I discovered discounted tickets and quiet rooms for these shows- some of them have already passed, but there are plenty shows still to come! from website: Thomas & Friends TM Live! On Stage: […]